EU Commission tightens vaccine export rules

Photographer: Aurore Martignoni Source: EC – Audiovisual Service

Stricter rules are going to apply to European vaccine exports. The European Commission, yesterday, added the principles of reciprocity and proportionality to the transparency and authorisation mechanism (a mechanism that allows Member States to stop vaccine exports under certain conditions). The two new principles allow countries to look at how much the destination country is exporting itself and if the conditions in that country are better or worse than the EU’s.

The new measures seem to be targeting the UK the most. The EU has exported a total of 43 million doses around the world. 10.9 million of those went to the UK while no UK produced vaccines made their way to the EU. With that in mind, the new measures might give a Member State enough reason to stop a vaccine shipment going to the UK.

Since the start of this mechanism, 380 export requests to 33 different destinations have been granted for a total of around 43 million doses. Only one export request was not granted. The main export destinations include the United Kingdom (with approximately 10.9 million doses), Canada (6.6 million), Japan (5.4 million), Mexico (4.4 million), Saudi Arabia (1.5 million), Singapore (1.5 million), Chile (1.5 million), Hong Kong (1.3 million), Korea (1.0 million) and Australia (1.0 million).