Editorial #2

Checking in – what has been and what’s to come

Dear readers,

Brace yourselves: this is not your usual news update about EU matters. In fact, it is a completely self-centred post since we want to talk about us – looking back on the past months and ahead into the future. Are you up for the ride? Then let’s go…

Coming at you from Germany currently (at the time of writing, that is. By the time we publish this I might have made it back to my second home, Maastricht), I’m Lena Tomalik. You might recognise my name from some of the articles we have published, and if not, you should take a better look at our website! I also manage our Instagram account, which perfectly leads me on to our first point on the agenda: what we have been up to in the past few months.

Looking back

We started this project back in October 2020, which means that we’re six months down and counting! Since our launch, we have published twenty-two articles, covering everything interesting from Brexit over CAP reforms to the ‘bad guys’ in Eastern Europe. There have also been four podcast episodes, which you can find on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud. We have to admit, we entered a bit of a motivation low in December and January (the Covid downer hits us all at some point, hey) but since February we have been on it again, and we have also stepped up our social media game. If you don’t yet follow us on facebook, instagram, twitter, or LinkedIn, come join us! By reaching out to people, we have managed to greatly increase our following both on twitter and Instagram, which has also given our website greater visibility.

We have also been able to welcome two new writers into our team, who reached out to us on social media (if you’re reading this and would like to contribute, shoot us a dm on any of our social media channels!). The first one you already got to know if you read this article on the EU’s vaccine export or this one on Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention, and the other one has made her debut with this article on the efforts of European NGOs to save our continent’s last wild river in Albania.

So, what’s next?

We’re motivated as ever to keep bursting the Brussels bubble for you. We have upped our game in trying to publish two to three articles per week, and our goal is to increase this as we go on and welcome new members to the team. The podcast has been running since before this website even started, and we’re planning on producing one episode per month as we move on.

We hope you’re enjoying reading our website and please do let us know any feedback you have, or reach out if you’d like to contribute!

(And of course, shameless plug: follow our socials, be it facebook, instagram, twitter or LinkedIn to stay up to date!)