About us

What happens in Brussels, usually stays in Brussels. Day in and out members of the The EU’s directly elected legislative body comprised of 705 members. It is involved in policymaking but it does not have the power to propose new legislation. European Parliament, Commissioners, Ministers and Heads of State are making decisions that affect us all. What we read in papers and online is usually very technical and boring or dumbed down to such a low level that the actual story behind what’s happening is lost in translation.

We are here to change that. Speakingofeurope.com is going to burst that Brussels bubble and bring its political stories closer to you. If you’re a professional, already deep into the matter, you might read stories that you already know. However, if you’re anything else but that and still want to be up to date of what’s happening, this is the place to be.

Yves lacroix


Picked up the pen to pay the bills as a freelance writer/journalist. Has covered both European and local politics and writes about Euregional news and history. Has only just begun playing the guitar and reads way too many books on the Napoleonic Wars. 

Favorite drink: Southern Comfort
Favorite writer: Dimitri Verhulst

Jules ortjens


Jules Ortjens is a political scientist and journalist, who has worked for various Dutch media – including daily newspaper Trouw and radio broadcaster BNR Nieuwsradio.

Favorite drink: Beer, as long as its north from the Alps and south from the Rhine
Favorite writer: Michelle Houellebecq

Lena Tomalik


Lena Tomalik started writing for her hometown‘s local newspaper, but soon decided she was interested in the big issues of today. (Almost) two political science degrees and some professional social media experience later, she is confident in diving into the nitty-gritty of European affairs and attracting an ever-growing audience on the way.

Favourite drink: Moscow Mule
Favourite writer: Joël Dicker