Author: August Coenders

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Identity & Democracy prefers a Scaled-Back Europe

Identity and Democracy, or I&D for short, is the fifth largest political group in the European Parliament and is composed of far-right populist parties, such as the French Rassemblement National (National Rally), the Italian Lega (League), and the German Afd (Alternative for Germany. When the United Kingdom was still a member, For Britain, a far-right anti-Islam movement, was also affiliated with I&D. They currently hold 74 out of 705 seats. 

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Northern Ireland and the Brexit Trilemma

Since the beginning of last week, there have been violent clashes between rioters and the police in Northern Ireland. The riots, in which all kinds of objects, including masonry, fireworks and even petrol bombs were thrown at the police, seem to have started in the city of Londonderry. From there, they spread to other parts of Northern Ireland, including the capital of Belfast. According to local media, no less than 70 police officers have been injured within the span of just eleven days. 

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A Tale of Two Cities: Cronyism in Brexit Land

On the 25th of June 2018, Bloomberg News published an article which they dubbed “The Big Brexit Short”. In this article, journalists Cam Simpson, Gavin Finch, and Kit Chellel published the results of their investigation into the role private polling companies and hedge funds played in the Brexit referendum of the 23 of June 2016. Private polls, they found, correctly predicted the outcome of the referendum and were used by hedge funds to profit from the collapse of the British Pound.