Author: Lena Tomalik

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MeetEU – getting in touch with fellow Europeans

Recent years have seen a slow increase in Euroscepticism and mistrust in EU institutions. Except for policymakers themselves and political science students, Brussels politics often seems too complicated and dry to understand. Anti-EU and pro-nationalist parties are on the rise again and are in particular targeting the people that feel disconnected and far away. Does that leave any hope for the future of the EU?

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a ‘swift’ response?

In an extraordinary summit in the evening of Thursday 24 February, EU leaders met to discuss what Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called a ‘package of massive and targeted sanctions’. Earlier that day, Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba pleaded to ban Russia from the European payment system SWIFT. In the end, the ban did not happen. 

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Special birthday present: Roberta Metsola becomes new EP President

Roberta Metsola from the conservative EPP group is the new President of the European Parliament. The Maltese MEP won the race on Tuesday, 18 January, in the first round of voting, reaching an absolute majority of 458 out of 690 votes cast. She succeeded against two other candidates, Alice Bah Kuhnke from the Greens/EFA and Sira Rego running for the Left.