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Northern Ireland and the Brexit Trilemma

Since the beginning of last week, there have been violent clashes between rioters and the police in Northern Ireland. The riots, in which all kinds of objects, including masonry, fireworks and even petrol bombs were thrown at the police, seem to have started in the city of Londonderry. From there, they spread to other parts of Northern Ireland, including the capital of Belfast. According to local media, no less than 70 police officers have been injured within the span of just eleven days. 

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Enough is enough – EU sues UK for breaching the Brexit agreement

The European Commission announced on Monday that it has sent a letter of formal notice to the government of the UK for the violation of the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as the good faith obligation, which is part of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. With this step, the Commission has started the infringement procedure, which might eventually bring the UK before the European Court of Justice – if it does not take the necessary actions to prevent this.