Category: Institutional Affairs

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Member States oppose Parliament’s proposed treaty change

Almost half of the Member States are not happy with the treaty change proposed by the European Parliament as an outcome of the Conference on the future of Europe. In a non-paper, thirteen of the 27 Member States declare their dismay at the proposals that would strengthen the European Parliament’s powers as a legislator and would strengthen the role of citizens in electing their representatives, also in the Commission.

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Special birthday present: Roberta Metsola becomes new EP President

Roberta Metsola from the conservative EPP group is the new President of the European Parliament. The Maltese MEP won the race on Tuesday, 18 January, in the first round of voting, reaching an absolute majority of 458 out of 690 votes cast. She succeeded against two other candidates, Alice Bah Kuhnke from the Greens/EFA and Sira Rego running for the Left.