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Is Kurz breaking up EU solidarity over his vaccine politics?

Kurz is creating an Us (Eastern bloc plus Austria) vs. Them (western states like France, Germany) in the EU in his fight for the solidarity clause that should allow for a fairer distribution of vaccine doses to deprivileged countries. The problem: his own country is not actually suffering as much as others. With a vaccine progress of around 15.4% having received the first shot, Austria fares better than Germany, currently at 12.9%, and lies above EU average. So why is he doing this? And what exactly is happening anyway? 

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Why turkey’s withdrawal from the istanbul convention is about power politics

In 2020, 409 women were killed in Turkey and dozens of other women were found dead under suspicious circumstances. Since the beginning of this year , already 77 women have suffered the same fate – an unfortunate trend that most probably will continue throughout the upcoming months. These numbers should make everyone queasy, though apparently, they do not have the same effect on Erdogan and his political allies. 

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A Tale of Two Cities: Cronyism in Brexit Land

On the 25th of June 2018, Bloomberg News published an article which they dubbed “The Big Brexit Short”. In this article, journalists Cam Simpson, Gavin Finch, and Kit Chellel published the results of their investigation into the role private polling companies and hedge funds played in the Brexit referendum of the 23 of June 2016. Private polls, they found, correctly predicted the outcome of the referendum and were used by hedge funds to profit from the collapse of the British Pound.