Small Steps

Dear Speaking of Europe reader. Since it’s been a while since we last talked about ourselves, we believe now is a good moment to bring you up to date again. Especially since we’ve been working on a few things that we’d like to share with you. 

Let’s start with our newest features. 

The tooltip

Since we’re trying to reach an audience that is not particularly well versed with EU vocabulary we’ve been struggling to find a way to inform people about EU developments without turning into a wikipedia page. We’ve thought about making pages explaining certain institutions and linking to them in our articles. But we realised even one click is sometimes a click too many. We therefore thought of explaining specific EU jargon right there in the article. But that took away much of the flow of the article itself. With those two ‘solutions’ not being good enough we contacted a web developer who made us a tooltip system. And trust me, it’s amazing. 

From now on every time you see us mention the The EU’s politically independent executive arm. It is responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council. European Commission its name will be underlined with a red line. Hovering over it will show you a tooltip that will shortly explain what the Commission does. The same is going to happen for other European institutions, parties and systems. This way we are able to clarify some things without cluttering our articles with explanations. 


The other new feature is the donation system. It should now be possible to donate once or monthly from almost every Member State in the EU. We’ve decided that for now, all the money will go into promoting this page on social media channels. This way we hope we will be able to increase the amount of readers immensely over the next few months. Every 50 euros we spend on Facebook advertisements, for example, can give us up to 400 new followers. If you’d like to help us out growing this page please consider donating any amount you can miss on our support us page. You can also find the donation box at the bottom and left of every article. 


In addition, the number of contributors to Speaking of Europe has been increasing. We now have a total of thirteen people involved, either writing, making podcasts or helping us manage our social media channels. The number of articles we published isn’t as high as we would like. But with our new features in place and especially now that readers can donate we’re set to increase our output from September on.

We hope to see you back soon!

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