S&D call for windfall profits tax

Foto: Martin Adams | Unsplash

The Socialists and Democrats in the The EU’s directly elected legislative body comprised of 705 members. It is involved in policymaking but it does not have the power to propose new legislation. European Parliament call for The 27 countries that are part of the EU. See the list of all members here. Member States and the The EU’s politically independent executive arm. It is responsible for drawing up proposals for new European legislation, and it implements the decisions of the European Parliament and the Council. European Commission to introduce taxation on windfall profits.

The tax is supposed to keep vulnerable European citizens from having to tighten their belts, while energy companies with skyrocketing profits pay little or no share of the burden.

In addition, the group believes the tax would help finance the Winter Preparedness Action Plan presented by the Commission to combat the dependence on Russian gas next winter.

“We live in a historical moment where old partnerships with third countries for gas imports have proven to be untrustworthy, so new, or already existing, partnerships have to be further strengthened”, says S&D A Member of the European Parliament (MEP) is a person who has been elected to serve as a representative in the European Parliament. MEP Mohammed Chahim.

He thinks the EU has learned an important lesson: “we have to count mostly on ourselves.”

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