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Four refugees frozen to death after 42 days in Polish no man’s land

A group of around 30 refugees have been stuck in Usnarz Górny at the Poland-Belarus border, in conditions the International Organization for Migration called “extremely harsh (…) with limited access to drinking water and food, medical assistance, sanitation facilities and shelter”. Those conditions resulted now over the week-end in the death of four refugees – frozen to death as Polish border guards confirmed. 

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A free, one-way ticket to Minsk: Belarus accused of sending thousands of migrants across Lithuanian border

Since 1 June 2021, more than 1,000 migrants have attempted to cross the border from Belarus to Lithuania. Lithuanian prime minister Ingrida Simonyte claimed that, over the past month and a half, more migrants have tried to cross the state borders than in the last four years combined. The Lithuanian State Border Guard Service has declared a state of emergency and has started to build a fence on the almost 700km long border.