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protests in brussels: ‘Nato act now!’

More than 5,000 people gathered in front of the Permanent Mission of Russia to the EU in Brussels on Saturday, 26th of February, to protest against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. People remained there for part of the afternoon as they were singing Ukrainian songs, giving speeches. They were shouting “Protect our sky!” or “NATO act now” together, hoping that their message would pass through the Avenue des Arts and reach the doors of the Russian representation.  

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The need for a European Army: Member States split between desire and aversion

The formation of a European army has been seen as an objective to be realised by some Member States, such as France and Germany, though others disregard this project as being unnecessary. In a changing world order where long-time allies are not as trustworthy as they used to be, achieving military independence represents a key factor to guarantee the security of the bloc.

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Afghanistan: a security and humanitarian dilemma for Western powers

On the night of 15 August, the Taliban entered the presidential palace in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul after Western countries withdrew their military presence and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, leaving Afghans in despair. With the Taliban taking over Kabul and seizing control over virtually all of the country, Western powers have been evacuating their citizens and staff from Afghanistan. The only countries willing to remain in Afghanistan are non-Western nations, such as Russia and China. What does this mean practically for the European Union (EU) and its member states? And where does the EU stand? Those are the questions that have been arising in the last couple of days, but before answering them, let’s first understand why Western forces were engaged in Afghanistan.